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Why use Consult HR (UK) Ltd Services?

Troubleshooting - In the 12 years we have been supporting our clients our troubleshooting expertise has enabled our clients to avoid tribunals on numerous occasions. Our practical processes enable us to protect our clients.

Retainer Service - we offer a no tie in retainer service which can help to ease the pressure on your business and give the confidence that you are truly getting what you pay for and when you need it.

Repeat Business - we have a strong portfolio of clients that come back time and time again for support, they also refer us to other business.

Experience - Over 12 years in business with over 30 years industry experience. Clients can be confident that whatever the HR Issue we know how to manage it effectively. Also recognised by the CIPD.

Passionate People - we offer you your own HR manager working with you to protect, support and develop your business.

Not having the right Policies and Procedures in place or not following them correctly could lead to an unwanted situtaion arrising. Employment legislation is continuing to change, which gives rise to the need for businesses to be aware and adapt to these changes. Employment tribunals can be costly, the average awared for unfair dismissal being £9,133 (2011-2012). Our aim is to ensure that you remain fully protected and up to date. We work with you to minimise any risk ensuring compliance.

 Bomblast protection
Buildings close to potential terrorist targets may be subject to damage from attacks not directly aimed at them. According to Home Office figures, flying glass causes 90% of all injuries in an explosion. Projectiles can travel up to 40m per second. 3M™ Scotchshield™ Security Film will not prevent glass breaking, but it will stop it travelling any significant distance.

Industrial Explosions
Petrochemical plant explosions are another cause of injury or loss of life. Blast studies show that most of the injuries to personnel are the result of shards of glass flying through the air. 3M™ Scotchshield™ Security Film can help provide a cost-effective measure to gain immediate protection.

 Smash and grab
3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra High Performance Security Film is an essential part of a complete security system. The majority of theft takes place in typically under 30 seconds. Delaying the thief's entry will increase the chances of a break-in being noticed or stopped.

Our range of Privacy Films can appear opaque from both inside and outside at all times of day or night, or reflective during daylight hours only.

With wireless networks becoming more popular, it is possible for information to be downloaded via radio frequencies by people outside your organisation. 3M™ Scotchtint Amber Film can be used to help reduce the effects of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) from mobile phones and radar where sensitive PC and medical equipment is used.

Sometimes having someone at hand when you need them can help with difficult decisions or even just confirm your own thought process. We pride ourselves on that hands on support at the heart of your business. Whether the issue is one of growth in the business, the need to downsize or the need to have difficult conversations we can explore and advise on the options available to you.

 Where there is glass, either at home or in the workplace, there is risk. In fact, non-safety glass is responsible for many injuries and deaths each year. These accidents are due to failure to see the glass, slips and falls and intentional breakage. Health & Safety regulations exist to reduce the likelihood of glass breakage by increasing glass visibility, and to reduce the effects of glass breakage when it does occur by ensuring that glass breaks safely. Safety Window Films provide a cost-effective means of meeting current Health & Safety regulations.

With over 30 years industry experience you can be confident that working in partnership with us can support and assist development of your business. No only can we work with you on business development strategies but growing your business through your greatest asset, your people. Equiping your teamwith the skills and knowledge for that desire to achieve excellence.

Energy Savings
Using 3M™ Scotchtint™ Solar Control Film can reduce solar heat gain by up to 82%, which in turn helps to reduce the demand on air-conditioning systems leading to substantial energy cost savings. Similarly, winter heat loss can be reduced by up to 30% by installing a Scotchtint™ Low-E Amber Film.

Excess Glare
At times, the glare from the sun can be almost unbearable, leading occupants to draw the blinds. However, as well as cutting out the glare, this removes the natural light and external views. 3M™ Scotchtint™ Solar Control Film can reduce glare by up to 91% while maintaining external views.

UV radiation can cause colours in both soft furnishings and artefacts to fade. 3M™ Scotchtint™ Solar Control Film filters out approximately 99% of this UV light, making it ideal for shops, museums and other display areas. By reducing the effects of heat and visible light, it provides an effective barrier in slowing down the process of fading.

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